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NYC Fashion Week 2009

New York fashion week showcased the best designers with their best fall pieces of 2009. We’re sure that you have all the magazines and bookmarked websites to get a glimpse of their magic in fashion, so what we’re really interested in is the inspiration behind the magic.

Behold, their inspirations, from the designers themselves.

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes (Anna Sui)
Nomadic stripping – bare all, cover all (Alexander Wang)
Raw urbanism (Max Azria)
A fresh look at the modern, feminine wardrobe (Oscar de la Renta)
Ali MacGraw’s unconventional simplicity and Steve McQueen’s commanding yet dignified style in ‘The Getaway.’ (Tommy Hilfiger)
Dress No.16: Silk crepe with intricate front and back channel seams; flattering peplum around hips and delicate tie at center back neck (Victoria Beckham)
Drawing loosely from traditional Spanish costume Y-3 offers a more bold and contemporary take on the flair and extravagance of this romantic era (Y-3)
Nothingness (Vivienne Tam)
Rumble Fish meets Thelma & Louise. True Americana but with a modern and contemporary edge (William Rast)

 donnakaran   dvf




PS. Of course there was some filtering done. Too many designers whom we had not heard of at all and too many quotes that made us go “huh, come again?” These are the best of the best ladies. Did you get inspired?

– love jemma

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Can I say “Gorgeous” 10 million times?

the love of my lesbo-celebrity life, Nicole Richie, at NYC Zac Posen f/w 09 fashion show


I’m sorry but everytime I see new candid or red carpet pictures of her, my heart skips a beat from how gorgeous and chic she looks every. single. time. I’m in love with her and my PP girls should expect to see alot of her in my blogs : )

– love jemma

PS. SHE’S PREGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! she’s preggers! she’s preggers!! god I love her maternity wear. makes me want to get pregnant too (not really). let’s all cheer for the coolest and stylish mom on planet Earth!

♥ fashionista

Introducing: tempo phase #1 (the skinny waist belt)

We tend to be obsessed over one specific fashion item for a while and then move on to the next one quite quickly. We call it our “tempo phase” (temporary-obsession)… and we do know that it’s the same name of a famous tissue company.
So the FYI on our current tempo phase is the skinny waist belt.
Jemma’s purchases include these lovely skinny bitches in every color: midnight blue (which was her last tempo phase before this one), poppy red (must have! must gg01have!), ash grey, sunshine yellow, teal green and simple black (an essential for every wardrobe). It is absolutely necessary to buy this current tempo in bright contemporary colors, even if you don’t even like bright shout-at-your-face colors in the first place. These babies just don’t work with boring dark colors, and when added to your dress, top or high waist shorts, the point is to let the belt shout for itself. It’s such an easy accessory, especially when you wake up in the morning on the wrong side of your bed and is already late for work.. you can just put on something you definitely have not put a second thought into, but save your outfit completely by putting on a poppy red skinny belt and it would make your outfit look all happy again. Trust me, dressing yourself better makes a big difference in your day!

We’d like to give some credits to the (real) skinny bitches who have modeled this tempo quite brilliantly in the past:

– love jemma




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psychadelic hip-hop chic: Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse

Back in 2001 when white graffiti graced the monogram speedy, it was pretty damn iconic.  The collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Stephen Sprouse, a fashion designer and artist of the 80’s, was remarkable.  They sold out instssneverfullpinkantly regardless of the fact that some folks didn’t think of it as a classic enough style to use the next year.  In 2006, Marc used Steven Sprouse’s infamous graffiti images again for more bags, shoes, and scarves, which sold out so quickly that to this date I still don’t remember seeing them. 

Eight years since their first collaboration, Marc Jacobs milks his success once again by launching another limited edition collection in tribute of Stephen Sprouse, who died in 2004.  This time, the iconic graffiti is rocking bright ass “day-glo” colors of the 60’s – shocking pink, limelight green, and sunburst orange, and Marc has added a twist by also using Sprouse’s neon colored rose motifs alongside the graffiti.  There’s something so modern and badass about the roses nowadays, probably to do with all that Christian Audigier / Ed Hardy ssflatsgreen1influence.  The product range is also so much larger with the patterns gracing the Neverfull (love it, can’t live without it) MM ($1360US), Speedy 30 ($1310US), glow in the dark leggings (should be around $400US), patent pumps and flats, and even a Skateboard with case ($8250US available only in NYC flagship).  Is it just me, or does graffiti smell like a soon-to-be classic in the Vuitton world?  Soon it’ll probably be a regular with shelf space next to the monograms.

In our opinion, Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse is so damn delicious.  I hated how Vuitton is so common and prevalent (not to mention all the knockoffs), but this ART/BAG collection made me love it once again with the psychadelic colors and hip hop chic.  I mean, was Marc high or really high when he decided to make those genius glow in the dark leggings?  What’s more is that proceeds are donated to Stephen Sprouses scholarship and Free Arts NYC.  How thoughtful!  Now you can help others, collect art, and look hot all at the same time.

So, would you splurge for it?ssleggingsgreen2











– love lucy

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Name me something bigger in Hollywood than the Academy Awards.

oscarsEverytime I turn to channel E!, it has been unavoidable that at least 5 commercials on the Oscar’s will come up. Personally, I’m not such a big Oscar’s fan, maybe I’m still stuck in the “I only love chick flicks because its hard for me to understand Oscar movies” phase. I definitely appreciate good acting, but sometimes when I go into the theater I just want to watch something that won’t make me use my brain too much. But anyhow, having said that, I still can’t get over the fact how freaking awesome The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was and how freakishly brilliant Health Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was in The Dark Knight. But I’m no movie expert so I don’t think I should have a say about any of the nominations or my forecasts on the results. I do want to end this part about the nominated movies by saying: Wall-E and Eve deserve each other way more than Paris Hilton and Benji Madden (back then) did. there. I know it was on everybody’s mind when they were watching Wall-E too.

Okay so if all that movie stuff doesn’t interest me, the fashion certainly does!
I am so looking forward to what Rachel Zoe is going to put on Anne Hathaway. ever since that girl lost so much weight, her body figure is just fabulous and probably anything would look good on her (those of you who don’t agree, have you not watched Bride Wars yet?). Angelina Jolie hasn’t been impressing anyone lately especially with her in a blue blousy Max Azria dress at the SAG awards (worn backwards). Yet I still have high hopes for this mother of ___ (I lost track, sorry) because I adored her in that vintage Hermes dress last year at the same event. I sometimes find her “I don’t give a shit” attitude quite sexy. Amy Adams is definitely one of the ladies I’ll be looking out for. The color of her skin is so gorgeous when dressed up in couture gowns, she makes the dresses look more couture and elegant. I find that her skin tone can pull off colors that normally noone can and I guess that’s what makes her so unique and interesting to look at. Last but not least, Kate Winslet is someone to look out for this year. Just because I think this year is her year. But fashion-wise, I’ve never really been amazed by her, she sometimes bore me to death but I’d like to give her some credits because she does remind me of the old Hollywood glam….sometimes. I’m iffy about her, still deciding whether or not I like her.

– love jemma

Smart Women who Finish Rich kick ass.

ladies, it’s finally time to stop spurging on yet another Chanel wallet or  Christian Louboutin pumps and start SAVING UP FOR RETIREMENT! dun dun duuhhhhhhhhh. okay it’s not as bad as you think. while you might sit here thinking: god, retirement? that’s when i’m old, wrinkly and fat and my gorgeous Gucci pumps which are at least 5 inches tall would definitely not compliment my age anymore (nor my tiny sagging body).. so life would be pointless, who cares? well ladies, sorry to burst your lil pink bubble but there is life after you reach your retirement age!!! YIKES!!!!!!! what to do what to do?

of course, you can always hunt up a life changing, miracle working plastic surgeon to make you look younger as you get older (you know, doing the Benjamin Button thing)… but don’t you need the ching a lings to do that? (by ching a lings i mean money). so where can i get the ching a lings when i’m 65 years old and can no longer use my beauty and youth to get my way through work (cos work = money, no work = no money tada!)?

David Bach’s Smart Women Finish Rich book tells us how to dream realistically, pay for ourselves first and be rich and happy, yes.. happy even when you can no longer look good in a size 2 Alexander Mcqueen dress you saw Camilla Belle pulling it off beautifully on the red carpet last night.

so my fellow lovely girlies who will all eventually turn old and drive at 40/mph on the highway, here are some recaps from the book which i would love to share with you because we are all on the same boat.  

there are Mary Kate and Ashley, both at the age of 22. Mary Kate decided she would rather invest in her new summer wardrobe every year and only plan to start saving $2,000 a year for retirement when she turns 30 and onwards until she retires, since she’s got “so much time”.  on the other hand, Ashley decided to start saving $2,000 a year now and stop when she turns 27 (for those with slow math, it’s 5 years). so.. ready to hear the difference in outcome between these two young ladies?

in the end, Mary Kate’s total investment put into her retirement savings is at least 680% MORE than Ashley (meaning: she spent way more money in her savings, which also means, buying at least 3000 less American Apparel jersey short sleeve v-necks).. but here’s the catch: Ashley earns at least 46% MORE (meaning: she can buy 19442 more of those v-necks when she retires). does it make sense? are you convinced? there are actual calculations to show you in the book and it’s put out really nicely and clearly in graphs. but doesn’t these numbers shock you enough? so by saving up earlier and for a shorter period of time, you can actually get more ching a lings in the end! ARE YOU CONVINCED?

now by saving up for retirement, i don’t mean putting some money aside and only touching them if there are any emergencies (real emergencies ladies, fashion related does not count). saving up for retirement means actually going to a bank or broker and opening up an actual retirement account and putting an actual percentage of your monthly income into this account. because obviously you need to grow your retirement money through interests, bonds and all that ya-di-ya financial stuff. i know the real-life MK and Ash probably don’t have to worry about retirement funds even if they live for another million years. but pinkpoutine‘s MK and Ash are poor and miserable and have spent WAY too much on Balenciaga bags ever since they make Nicole Richie and Kate Moss their style icons.

so to motivate my fellow readers a bit more.. pls indulge in the following picture:


imagine owning 19442 of these!!!!
one can never have enough American Apparel tshirts : )

– love jemma


Who else is going Gaga for Lady Gaga?

not only her album, The Fame, is constantly on repeat in my iPod, but i absolutely adore her sense of creativity and courage to not hold back in her music and style. she’s not afraid to show who she is, without any pants, and she does it with complete hotness. gaga4
i don’t assume this gaga phenonemon would die anytime soon. for those who still have yet to dig yourself into her album (may i advise you that it can get dangerously addictive!), it’s never too late! this unique individual isn’t going anywhere so you need to catch up on your music honey.
gaga011some of pinkpoutine’s recommendations:
♣ ok, the obvious hits: just dance, poker face, eh eh (nothing else i can say),
♣ starstruck ( flo rida and space cowboy)
♣ paper gangsta
♣ the fame
♣ beautiful, dirty, rich
♣ money honey
♣ lovegame

cherry-cherry boom-boom everybody!

– love jemma