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Action 124 – Don’t worry if you make a mistake

In 1853 New York, there was a very picky customer and a very grumpy chef. The customer demanded that his potatoes be cut thinner and fried longer. Furious, the chef cut them very thin, fried them fro ages and covered them in salt. The customer asked for more. Hooooray! The crisp chip was born.

Christopher Columbus was an explorer lookng for Asia. But in 1492 he sailed the wrong way and ended up in an entirely different continent. Happily for him, he didn’t realize at the time and announced, quite smugly, that here he was in Asia. And so it was that America was discovered.

If someone, at some stage hadn’t made a mistake the world wouldn’t have Coca Cola or frisbees, popsicles or chips, penicillin, cheese, slinky-dinks, or America!

Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Sometimes our biggest mistakes are our best inventions.

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BRILLIANT! I dedicate this to all our PP girls who beat themselves up like Jemma does after simple mistakes and act like it’s the end of the world, when really, who the frick cares?
The site is by organization that is trying to change the world one action at a time / per person. It’s cool stuff, especially since we PP girls strongly believe in making the world a better place (GO GREEN!!) because we need our grandchildren’s grandchildren to be alive to buy us our Versace purses or our million dollar Baroda pearls, or whatever luxury stuff that grannies buy (a $4.5 million dollars silk, Persian, 500 years old rug maybe?).

– love jemma


Rumor Has It

rumorsIt’s true that there must be something factual in rumors. I mean, let me tell you a story.
Way back in high school I suddenly had an urge to start a rumor because I thought it would be cool if people believed it and I can secretly say to myself har har har I started that crap! Anyhow, I told my best friend that some psychic woman said if you add your own mobile number with your crush’s mobile number, divide it by 2, multiply by 3 and subtract it by your own number again, if the sum turns up to have (for example) 5 even numbers out of the 10, that means you have a 50% chance of marrying the guy (Okay, I was 16). My best friend gave me a pitiful laugh and asked, where’s the scientific evidence to this? I was shocked, I didn’t know rumors need to have scientific evidence (or any evidence at all for that matter) and I did say I heard it from some psychic woman didn’t I?
Anyways, the moral of this story is, a successful rumor means that there’s got to be something worth believing that drives people to consider it as a fact. I’ve noticed in the tabloids about 70% of the rumors turn out to be true in the end (ex. Lilo’s lesbian relationship, Nicole’s first pregnancy). So don’t automatically push away anything crazy you might hear in the future…. sorry, but crazy things do exist in this world.

Story follow-up: after she busted me I changed the subject right away (probably something lame like, oh I saw Melanie use her cell phone in our social studies 11 class today OMFG!), and we’re ex-best friends now by the way.

– love jemma


Also @ Michael Kors backstage

Also @ Michael Kors backstage

Grabbing my daily paper this morning, the full page Olympus ad with nothing but large bold letters WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING, literally made me jump with anticipation for the day. Since when did we start giving up so easily and feeling down and depressed by the mere words of others? How did we learn to turn to material things and calories and addictions to feed our sensitive side? Why did we choose to procrastinate and settle and accept ourselves for who we are even when we know we could do so much better? What does it take to realize that even fish with their miniscule little sacs for brains know that they gotta swim upstream even though its a helluvalota work and they might die in the process?

It just clicked for me that, yeah its tough making money. Its tough to work up the career ladder as a gionetoughcookie1rl. Its tough studying on weekends when the girls are going clubbing. Its tearfully tough resisting from just saying “i’ll pay by visa!” to those last pair of beautiful new midnight blue Lanvin flats in size 6. Its tough to pay the rent when you know it could buy so many beautiful orgasmic shoes instead. Its tough to stay in shape when sitting on your ass is just so comfortable. Its tough to maintain a giving relationship because giving really sucks more than receiving. And its so painfully tough to plan for the seemingly dark (or actually dark) future. But its exactly the crappy things like these that teach us how to cope, and eventually make us stronger. If life were a smooth ride, my weakness would probably be a major regret on my deathbed.  I wanna be a tough cookie.  Not a soft and soggy one.

So, sometimes i cry, and i bitch, and i moan…but i’m secretly glad i have tough times and tough people to deal with. I’m so positively challenged to be ahead of my game. I want to be prepared and have hardcore training for a tough mentality so that when the day comes for me to win the lottery and afford all those shoes, a personal trainer and plastic surgery, i’ll still be fierce and get the respect that i know i deserve.

This is my attempt at morale boosting:) RAH RAH RAH!


– love lucy.

Jealousy of the Ex

We stalk them, we pry into our boyfriends’ past, we sneak email peeks, and we wanna know everything about them.  It’s pretty obvious that we’re better looking, smarter, sexier, more confident, have better taste, have better friends, have a better career, have a brighter future, have more money and are better in bed then them (don’t tell me how i gossip-girl-spoilers-photo-fightknow coz i just know), but we still gotta feel that awful feeling inside when we envision the happy past they had together, EVEN THOUGH WE OBVIOUSLY ARE THE WINNERS because (hello?!) … we have the boy.  If you’re like pessimistic dwell-in-misery lucy, its impossible to be the bigger person and just look on the bright side.  But dude, jealousy can only exist for so long before it gets annoying and becomes stupidity.  Cause you never want your boy to think you’re annoying (a.k.a. associating you with mom).  So your boyfriend had a past…that existed without you…GET OVER IT.  Here’s how:

1. Come prepared into any relationship with bitchy friends.  Whenever Lucy bitches about the sweet little ex, Jemma will totally be like…”If we bump into her I will look her down then straight right ignore her. I’m on your side you know.  I’m totally on your side.  And just so you know, I’m not afraid of slapping people”.

2. Review the opponent with your bitchy friends.  If Lucy moans to Jemma “Well, honestly i don’ t think she’s that great but I guess shes not bad cause he thinks she’s cute…”, Jemma will not hesitate to stop you right there “BITCH LOOKS LIKE A MAN!”

3. Have bitchy friends that boost your self-esteem.  When in the fitting room Lucy wonders if she looks hot and hotter then Ms.Ex in that cute outfit, Jemma comes again “you’d look hotter then her wearing garbage.  Fashion is measured by style you know, blake-leighton-rolling-stonenot by the pound…which she definitely does have many.”

4. Be nice to your bf with the help of your bfs (bitchy friends).  Don’t emphasize your jealousy to your boyfriend.  Good friends will offer to take the load off his shoulders to make him adore you more.  “Lucy, if you need to bitch you can call me.  For everything else, don’t.  I’m a very busy girl”.

So girls, rest assured knowing that even if the past is inevitable and the Ex will always have played a part in your boy’s life, good friends will always know how to snap you back to reality…and make sure you return the favor when needed:)

– love lucy

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What makes your inside tingle and outside mingle?

PinkPoutine answer: the good old puppy love.

But when our girls get too old for puppy love, then it’s probably the, what we call, dating honeymoon period. Now, the dating honeymoon period (DHP) is completely different from the actual honeymoon period (AHP). AHP is after the vows have been publicly announced to every single person you know, DHP is when probably your second level friends (the ones after your best friends) still have no idea you are dating someone. AHP consists of a whole tona expensive dinners, expensive resorts, expensive air tickets, expensive whatever, DHP requires zip dollars, ZIP. All you need is a couch to make out away on and both of you would be equally satisfied and happy. Okay, so now that we have addressed the differences between these two titles, it’s time for us to tell you how to keep our insides still tingling and our outsides still mingling (by maintaining a long, sweet honeymoon period of course).

1) Never be afraid to show that your interested.
DUH. Or else how are you going to keep the sparks flying? Call him out of nowhere and text him about nothing. Let him know your thinking of him but not actually saying it, trust me, it’s doable, it’s not rocket science.
2) Remind yourself every single day that guys are so stupidly simple.
Sometimes they don’t text or call back because they are busy or tired. Their life does not revolve around you (and you shouldn’t expect it to anyways because your not an official gf yet). And do accept that they are forgetful. Men are always forgetful. It’s annoying, but it’s life.
3) It’s okay to skip out on a date if your busy (really busy, like, with actual things to do and not just pretending)
Some of our girlfriends beat themselves up for declining on a date because they were stuck at work OT-ing and had to cancel out last minute. Girls, it’s A-OKAY to have a life and show to him that you do. Actually, I think it’s sexier that way. Some guys might be intimidated, but I think intimidation is hella sexy. And hey, if your future-man can’t put up with you having your own life and scared the hell outa him, then maybe you should rethink about what your getting yourself into.
4) Play hard to get is so 20 years ago.
That’s something our moms did back in the 70s. With our generation now, it’s all about straightforwardness and fearlessness. Yes, be FEARLESS, speak up and express yourselves openly. Guys like it when their girl is certain and upfront. We don’t like mind games, so why would they (knowing that they are so stupidly simple, right?).
5) Sorry, but there’s expiry dates for the honeymoon period.
As much as we would LOVE for this time to last, it doesn’t. Sooner or later you would have to end this time by becoming his official gf (like, as if that sounds so bad). IT DOES! You have no idea what your giving up for to become an official – the does he love me or does he not period makes life much more exciting! And usually when your in this period, everything between you two is a first.. the first time he said I miss you, the first time he took you to a beach, the first time he picked you up from work, the first time he played with your Chihuahua, etc.etc. It’s an awesome time I tell you. But you have to let this time go because (everyone act shocked together) life is not perfect. And just like expired milk, you need to hit the next stage before your honeymoon period ends, or else it turns sour. Trust me on this.

Please note that all of the above is personal PP opinion. It’s really cool stuff but might not be enitrely true in the non-PP world. Happy dating everyone!

– love jemma

Britney’s Back!


I’m so proud of this girl.  There has been raving reviews of her tour and ….aren’t her costumes just TO DIE FOR?  I think Britney is live proof that if we dream it, and want it enough, there’s nothing that we can’t overcome.  Whether it be your boday, your self-esteem, your crapaholic relationship, or just your entire screwed up life….take your life into your own hands girls.  Be the change that you wanna see.



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Wait, another Valentine’s Day?

Dear all single ladies and gents,

When we thought one day was enough, the infamous, completely over-rated Valentine’s day on February 14 has come back to haunt us for one more day. This time, it’s a month after (March 14) and instead of everything being red with hearts everywhere screaming out HAR HAR WHY ARE YOU SINGLE – on March 14, everything is white. Actually, the japname of this day is White Valentine’s Day. PP girls should know that we would never, ever lie to you, it’s our pack. We’re all girls, on the same boat, it’s like a girlfriend friendship pack and we follow this pack. So it’s true, and this White Valentine’s Day thing is actually celebrated in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and now, Hong Kong. Okay. Before those who are currently in a sweet relationship who still celebrates heart day with their other half are stressing out the possibility of having to buy yet another present (dude, the economy is bad work is bad money is bad, another present?!?!). The following information shall be your chill pill. According to PinkPoutine research, the real, actual Valentine’s day on Feb 14 is a day where the ladies are supposed to give their men gifts as an expression of love and the men are supposed to just sit there and receive (yes, we can still keep this a secret, just don’t show them this post). On March 14, White Valentine’s Day (originated in Japan, oh the Japanese and their creative juices, sigh) is the day when the men are expected to return the favor given to them a month before, and thus, giving back more expensive gifts to their boos (you may show them this part). So this love exchange program going on in Feb and Mar is actually true. It’s sometimes celebrated in North America too, I’ve seen posters promoting parties that celebrate March 14. So I wonder when would this day become world wide eh.

Okay, so back to the people whom I address this letter to. There is an upside to this whole story. So there’s Feb 14, when the men receive, Mar 14, when women gets the goodies (more ching-a-ling ones), and now South Koreans want 0609_valentines_day_specialan April 14. No, it’s not a day when both of them receive something and give something so that it works as an equation. April 14 is called Black day, also known as the Singles day! But don’t think with Black day we can all get together, get hammered and make out with random hot single strangers. On April 14, all singles have to get together and eat Jajangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce, hence the name Black). So to celebrate being single, we all have to sit together……..and eat black bean noodles. Great, as if it’s not depressing enough.

From red to white to black. Oh God. I agree that Asians are the creative ones, they think of the most absurd things, and most of them work. In this case, it doesn’t. No fucking way.

Love, Jemma