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PinkPoutine wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amosu11opy but PinkPoutine can’t get because it’s a tad over budget. errrm just a tad, how about $5,684USD over?
We assume only Paris Hilton would slurge on such a pinky pink 5 grand purchase.
But it’s okay to dream….. and to print the picture out, cut it into shape and stick it on the surface of your blackberry right?

Check out all the expensive goodies at the Pricy Spicy site!

– love jemma


Athlete-ical dating.

PinkPoutine has been noticing this recent craze in celebrity-athlete dating, as exemplified by Gisele Bundchan (PP’s major supermodel obsession) , Hilary Duff, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, and uh, Paris Hilton (however long this new boy toy would last for her). I think it’s brilliant. We can not name a type of guy that can possibly be man-er than althetes. And paired with the most gorgeous and elegant ladies (note the exception: Miss Hilton), it’s like a match made in a place even more magical than heaven itself. It screams out eye candy (TWICE!) everytime they step out in public and showing their affection for one another, god it makes my sweet tooth ache.

A few worth mentioning… because PP adores cutesy lovebirds!

Gisele Bundchen x Tom Brady


These two just got married (and apparently getting married again with a second ceremony). I LOVE LOVE LOVE her and honestly I’ve always thought she would end up with someone who wasn’t in the spotlight that much but yet still famous for a reason (Leo Dicaprio just didn’t do it for me). Even though this NFL player is a semi-manwhore (the ex-gf was preggers while he began dating our lovely Gisele), he’s still pretty yummy!

Hilary Duff x Mike Comrie


Dude, he’s a pro Canadian hockey player (Ottawa Senators), we like we like! And because of this relationship, my fellow Canadians get to spot Hilary in Canada every so often! She plays a really supportive role to her boyfriend as she is often photographed in freeeezing Canada to cheer on her man ever since they began dating in 2007. I mean, trading off the more interesting summer/spring wardrobe in L.A. for boring winter jackets in freezing cold weather? Now that’s some sacrifice, I can tell already she’s pretty serious!

Jessica Simpson x Tony Romo


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo gave Jessica Simpson some hardcore love potion that made her so in love that she almost always mentions him whenever she’s on stage (at least everytime she sings “You are My Sunday“). I’m not that fond of their love; I think ever since Jess dated him, her career has gone downhill and she seems to care less about herself and devotes all her attention to her beau. I mean, what is she doing with country music and that high waist, black top outfit? (I have to say that oufit did her well, at least it made everyone remember her existence again).

Victoria Beckham x David Beckham


This, doesn’t get any better. They are the couple of all couples, the hottest of all hottest, the famous of all famous, and of course, the rich and wealthy of ALL rich and wealthy couples. I thought it would be appropriate to end this post with Victoria and David Beckham – the textbook example of a classic celeb-athlete couple. I suppose we all know their FYIs by heart, and even have it memorized backwards. Careful, your keyboard is not drool-resistant.


– love jemma

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PP’s How Tos: How to comfort your best friend when she claims she’s in hell.

PP girls are great friends. Therefore, we make good partners in crime, shopping buddies, comforters, listeners, jokers and we have great shoulders to cry on – all this, wrapped into one. I truly believe every girl should have a few very good friends, afterall, who would we vent to about that rude saleswoman who gave the chick next to us a 15% discount bff_cookie_and_milk_sticker-p217097244984792551qjcl_400and only gave us 10%? Who would we PMS to about our boyfriends who got us a grande skim milk javachip frap double pump toffee nut with chips instead of our usual grande soymilk javachip frap half pump toffee nut with extra chips? Bugging our bffs with all our troubles and having them actually understanding how stressful it is. Wow. Friends are great aren’t they. Here’s a few pointers on how to be a good friend back when your girls come to you, crying their new Chanel Inimitable Multi Dimensional Mascaras off (in black) and telling you they need some sister-2-sister, heart-2-heart advice.

Rule #1) Be Honest and Stay Honest.
This is the ultimate rule. Anything other than honesty means that you are being utterly fake to your friends and only comforting them with things only acquaintances and phony coworkers will say. I highly emphasize on the importance in staying true to your friends with your words of wisdom, even if the truth hurts. There’s no point of saying things that are good to the ears for them, we have other people whom we call our “normal friends” to do that. Best friends, on the other hand, slap the brutal truth right at their faces without any hesitation. That’s what friends are for.

Rule #2) Skip the Bullshit.
When your best friend asks you what do you think of the outfit she’s wearing to her first date with a guy she met at a club but she’s completely head over heels for. You say: “You look like a slut. Those pink Louboutin would never match your purple Moschino dress. Pink and purple never work together. Your whole outfit says please sleep with me.” Don’t say: “Oh, your outfit is really nice, those Louboutins are gorgeous, I absolutely love the color. And OH, your dress looks amazing on you… but you might want to consider wearing different shoes? I mean, it’s just my opinion, but it’s still good! He’s going to fall in love with you even more babe!” Puke.

Rule #3) It’s Okay to Not Count the Calories.
If your girlfriend tells you she is in catastrophe, here is your schedule for the week:
Monday: Bring a good chic flick or something stupid but funny, takeout (fries, pizzas, you know.. the works) and a bottle of wine (hard liqueur is fine as well if your hardcore enough) and go ring her doorbell. She is going to be hesitant at first and would insist that she wants to be left alone. Don’t give in. Open that door, march in, pop that DVD in, spread all those guilty pleasures on the table and tell her you refuse to pig out yourself on her couch while she cries in her bed. Sleepover if you will, having someone there for her will always help.
Tuesday: Bring her for some ice cream after work and indulge in your triple scoop butternut ice cream while taking a walk with your Chihuahuas at a park nearby.
Wednesday: Catch up on the latest Gossip Girl drama together and have a GG marathon, this time at your place. Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks.
Thursday: Hit the gym. Go for a run. Do some yoga. Exercising helps with the stress and depression. Both of you will feel energized and all ready for your weekend.
Friday & Saturday: PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY. Get drunk, act like there is nothing else in the world to care about except the fact that your having fun with your best friend. Taxi home.
Sunday: Have a hangover brunch with her. You should know that she should be in condition to handle the truth now, so please refer to rule #1 for instructions. After the talk, hug her very very tightly and tell her your always there for her whenever, wherever.

Rule #4) Invade, even if She Did Not Ask You to.
Some girls would get into a withdrawal phase when they are depressed. Your job is to prevent that from happening and bug her continuously until she lets you share her depression with you.

Follow these rules and I assure you that your friendships would not be as shortlived as Paris Hilton and her new “bffs” found on her stupid reality show.
Go ahead and spoil your best friends by being someone real to her, she deserves nothing less.

– love jemma

So the Barbie World is real folks.

I expect our PP girls should all be ex-Barbie fans — back in the days when people owned big dogs and brought them hiking and skiing, instead of today’s tiny chihuahuas where their outfit must match yours (which is, a very long time ago). So, we should all be familiar with the happy Barbie world where no color exist other than the color Pink. Good news girls (maybe?), this all-Pink world is happening in real human life and I have proof.


Evidence #1:

Paris Hilton 2009-02-12 - at Harmony Lane Boutique in Beverly Hills


Paris Hilton forgot there are other colors on Planet Earth which she can actually wear on her body. As much as I’d love to embrace Pink… Uh, no no no no NO. Not this way please girls, it’s not okay to do this to yourself… or to your $200,000USD Bentley Continental GT.




Everytime I see this picture, I sympathize deeply for the poor thing. The poor, expensive, luxurious thing, sigh.


Evidence #2:

Even poutines have gone pink!

(FYI, I’m talking about the site you are currently reading, not really edible.)


Evidence #3:

PINK DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??


Okay. Before I get all OMG THIS IS MY ULTIMATE HEAVEN on my PP girls, you all have to understand that I have this unexplainable fetish and love for dolphins. I go gugu gaga over these cute little sea mammals at aquariums, cruises, television, everywhere! I have a secret dream and it’s to become a dolphin trainer, honestly it doesn’t get any better than that.. I’ll die happy.


Okay. So here it goes.. OMFG IT’S A PINK DOLPHIN GODDAMIT! let’s see it again, in another angle to further prove its actualness..




Absolutely breathtaking.  

Is it possible? Is this really possible? Yes it is girls, it’s actually R-E-A-L. no paint, no joke.

This cute little guy is an albino bottlenose dolphin and it was born with more of a rose color when it was a calf two years ago. Spotted at Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana, it’s attracting a lot of attention from tourists. Anyone want to take me there so that I can reunite with my pet soul mate?


Oh my Pinkness.


– love jemma


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Name me something bigger in Hollywood than the Academy Awards.

oscarsEverytime I turn to channel E!, it has been unavoidable that at least 5 commercials on the Oscar’s will come up. Personally, I’m not such a big Oscar’s fan, maybe I’m still stuck in the “I only love chick flicks because its hard for me to understand Oscar movies” phase. I definitely appreciate good acting, but sometimes when I go into the theater I just want to watch something that won’t make me use my brain too much. But anyhow, having said that, I still can’t get over the fact how freaking awesome The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was and how freakishly brilliant Health Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was in The Dark Knight. But I’m no movie expert so I don’t think I should have a say about any of the nominations or my forecasts on the results. I do want to end this part about the nominated movies by saying: Wall-E and Eve deserve each other way more than Paris Hilton and Benji Madden (back then) did. there. I know it was on everybody’s mind when they were watching Wall-E too.

Okay so if all that movie stuff doesn’t interest me, the fashion certainly does!
I am so looking forward to what Rachel Zoe is going to put on Anne Hathaway. ever since that girl lost so much weight, her body figure is just fabulous and probably anything would look good on her (those of you who don’t agree, have you not watched Bride Wars yet?). Angelina Jolie hasn’t been impressing anyone lately especially with her in a blue blousy Max Azria dress at the SAG awards (worn backwards). Yet I still have high hopes for this mother of ___ (I lost track, sorry) because I adored her in that vintage Hermes dress last year at the same event. I sometimes find her “I don’t give a shit” attitude quite sexy. Amy Adams is definitely one of the ladies I’ll be looking out for. The color of her skin is so gorgeous when dressed up in couture gowns, she makes the dresses look more couture and elegant. I find that her skin tone can pull off colors that normally noone can and I guess that’s what makes her so unique and interesting to look at. Last but not least, Kate Winslet is someone to look out for this year. Just because I think this year is her year. But fashion-wise, I’ve never really been amazed by her, she sometimes bore me to death but I’d like to give her some credits because she does remind me of the old Hollywood glam….sometimes. I’m iffy about her, still deciding whether or not I like her.

– love jemma

Would you like Fries with that?

We strongly believe that 8 cups of water a day can keep the botox away.
If all else fails, we suntan our worries away.
We do what we wanna do, when we do.
We use highlighters just to make life colorful.
We spend five out of eight work hours reading blogs.
We strategically hide our 6 opened msn messenger windows on our monitors every single day.
We set our clocks 10 minutes faster so we can afford to be fashionably late.
We press speakerphone when dialing calls just to appear busy.
We both got chihuahuas when Paris Hilton was still hot. our pups are still workin it but paris is not.
We worship Balenciaga‘s motorcycle bag, in every single color.
James Franco makes our insides tingle!
We envision peanut butter like heaven – raw or with toast, it makes us happy the most!
We can’t see a life without our blackberry and iphone, they are praised like Gods.
We’re too embarassed to add colleagues in facebook cause of all the semi-naked slutty photos we’re tagged in.


We figured that life is too short to waste hours behind the desk doing nothing, so we took a stand against mundane work protocol and the risk of getting fired….. and Pink Poutine was born!

Greek poutine, steak poutine, hamburger poutine, Italian poutine, stuffed poutine, chicken poutine, wedges poutine and the classic poutine… but what’s Pink Poutine?

Our girls like to share their lives over comfort foods, fries are our top priority and when you add cheese and gravy, it would seem as though life gets better by the bite. While the classic poutine is great for normal, uninteresting people, Pink Poutine is specially tailored for the young, hip, fashion forward, gossipy ladies out there (not to mention smokin’ hot of course) with all sorts of goodness in the checker patterned cup. But get this, the best of all, Pink Poutine is completely calorie-free… pig yourself out girls!

– love lucy & jemma

PS. Pink Poutine and its two gorgeous creators have one more thing in common….they are all proud to be Canadian!