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Date: Feb, 2006 (when the brand first launched)
Setting: Aritzia, Vancouver (sold exclusively at)
Key Event: Jemma laid eyes on Wilfred for the very first time and immediately fell in love
Reason: Wilfred’s Cashmere & Virgin Wool Coat (in every color)

Wilfred is an in-house clothing brand sold exclusively at the Vancouver based retail store and the designer behind this brilliancy is Tenille Magnuson (age 23 – 35 with a career based mind but creative and style conscious, just like her targeted customers). She is also the brain juice behind the Talbula Babaton line – one designer for two lines in the same store? No worries, there are visible differences between the two, Wilfred is more tailored towards our fashion-forward girlies whereas Talula is more on the professional side,, fashion forward it is!

Recently (like a few days ago), they launched a website for this baby. I love Wilfred, he’s the best and you got to see it to believe it. His looks are great for any body shape and are incredibly comfy and can be dressed up or down. God, so many perfect qualities, I might even marry him.


– love jemma



Also @ Michael Kors backstage

Also @ Michael Kors backstage

Grabbing my daily paper this morning, the full page Olympus ad with nothing but large bold letters WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING, literally made me jump with anticipation for the day. Since when did we start giving up so easily and feeling down and depressed by the mere words of others? How did we learn to turn to material things and calories and addictions to feed our sensitive side? Why did we choose to procrastinate and settle and accept ourselves for who we are even when we know we could do so much better? What does it take to realize that even fish with their miniscule little sacs for brains know that they gotta swim upstream even though its a helluvalota work and they might die in the process?

It just clicked for me that, yeah its tough making money. Its tough to work up the career ladder as a gionetoughcookie1rl. Its tough studying on weekends when the girls are going clubbing. Its tearfully tough resisting from just saying “i’ll pay by visa!” to those last pair of beautiful new midnight blue Lanvin flats in size 6. Its tough to pay the rent when you know it could buy so many beautiful orgasmic shoes instead. Its tough to stay in shape when sitting on your ass is just so comfortable. Its tough to maintain a giving relationship because giving really sucks more than receiving. And its so painfully tough to plan for the seemingly dark (or actually dark) future. But its exactly the crappy things like these that teach us how to cope, and eventually make us stronger. If life were a smooth ride, my weakness would probably be a major regret on my deathbed.  I wanna be a tough cookie.  Not a soft and soggy one.

So, sometimes i cry, and i bitch, and i moan…but i’m secretly glad i have tough times and tough people to deal with. I’m so positively challenged to be ahead of my game. I want to be prepared and have hardcore training for a tough mentality so that when the day comes for me to win the lottery and afford all those shoes, a personal trainer and plastic surgery, i’ll still be fierce and get the respect that i know i deserve.

This is my attempt at morale boosting:) RAH RAH RAH!


– love lucy.

Jealousy of the Ex

We stalk them, we pry into our boyfriends’ past, we sneak email peeks, and we wanna know everything about them.  It’s pretty obvious that we’re better looking, smarter, sexier, more confident, have better taste, have better friends, have a better career, have a brighter future, have more money and are better in bed then them (don’t tell me how i gossip-girl-spoilers-photo-fightknow coz i just know), but we still gotta feel that awful feeling inside when we envision the happy past they had together, EVEN THOUGH WE OBVIOUSLY ARE THE WINNERS because (hello?!) … we have the boy.  If you’re like pessimistic dwell-in-misery lucy, its impossible to be the bigger person and just look on the bright side.  But dude, jealousy can only exist for so long before it gets annoying and becomes stupidity.  Cause you never want your boy to think you’re annoying (a.k.a. associating you with mom).  So your boyfriend had a past…that existed without you…GET OVER IT.  Here’s how:

1. Come prepared into any relationship with bitchy friends.  Whenever Lucy bitches about the sweet little ex, Jemma will totally be like…”If we bump into her I will look her down then straight right ignore her. I’m on your side you know.  I’m totally on your side.  And just so you know, I’m not afraid of slapping people”.

2. Review the opponent with your bitchy friends.  If Lucy moans to Jemma “Well, honestly i don’ t think she’s that great but I guess shes not bad cause he thinks she’s cute…”, Jemma will not hesitate to stop you right there “BITCH LOOKS LIKE A MAN!”

3. Have bitchy friends that boost your self-esteem.  When in the fitting room Lucy wonders if she looks hot and hotter then Ms.Ex in that cute outfit, Jemma comes again “you’d look hotter then her wearing garbage.  Fashion is measured by style you know, blake-leighton-rolling-stonenot by the pound…which she definitely does have many.”

4. Be nice to your bf with the help of your bfs (bitchy friends).  Don’t emphasize your jealousy to your boyfriend.  Good friends will offer to take the load off his shoulders to make him adore you more.  “Lucy, if you need to bitch you can call me.  For everything else, don’t.  I’m a very busy girl”.

So girls, rest assured knowing that even if the past is inevitable and the Ex will always have played a part in your boy’s life, good friends will always know how to snap you back to reality…and make sure you return the favor when needed:)

– love lucy

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If you seek pretty shoes.

As all of you might know, I’m quite the Britney fan, and I was ecstatic tobritbts watch the new If You Seek Amy video.  Although it was really small screen, it was so gooooooood.  Amy is like her alter ego where she is such a wild whore having sexcapades in her house where no one can see her…then when she steps out into the public shes this stepford mom again.  Kinda sad how she must feel so oppressed! i mean, a girl has got to unleash the whore within once in a while!

But anyway, what caught my attention most in the video (aside from her amazingly inviting and huge boobs), were these FREAKISHLY YUMMY cheeky pink pumps she was sporting with her ultra hot boob enhancing corset at the beginning of the vid.  They were high, satiny, and had these super fun rouched petals on top.  After some research, Britney is actually the first person to own a pair of these un-named pumps designed by no other then the master himself – Christian Louboutin.  Want a pair?  Start looking out for them when they hit shelves in April 09.britlouboutin2


CLICK HERE to watch If You Seek Amy!

– love lucy

Britney Spears Official Website

Britney’s Back!


I’m so proud of this girl.  There has been raving reviews of her tour and ….aren’t her costumes just TO DIE FOR?  I think Britney is live proof that if we dream it, and want it enough, there’s nothing that we can’t overcome.  Whether it be your boday, your self-esteem, your crapaholic relationship, or just your entire screwed up life….take your life into your own hands girls.  Be the change that you wanna see.



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KENSIE GIRL in Hong Kong

kensiebannerBeing the major Aritzia addict that I was in Vancouver, I was so extremely kensiegirlecstatic to discover that 2 new kensie girl stores have opened up in Hong Kong!   This is seriously my favorite brand ever.  Kensie girl carries simple, good quality clothes with a great fit for the petite body, and is ultra modern with unique but wearable styles.  And best of all, there are totally affordable; under CDN$80 for a cardigan wrap and under $180 for a dress.

Straight from the website, “Kensiegirls are a mix of modern and kooky, she is a girly girl and wears clothes of the moment”.  If u don’t already know, lucy loves all things kooky.


For my fellow Hongkongers, visit them at :

2111-2, Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City


Shop C, G/F, 42-48 Paterson St, Causeway Bay



– love lucy

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kensie girl


friday13thIt means fear of friday the 13th.  As jemma likes to think, long names are used to cover up things that really suck.  Ever since we were kids, we’ve known that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck, and we should be careful in every possible way.  Well, my superstitious divas, brace yourselves because the SECOND Friday the 13th of 2009 is arriving next week!  Is it just me or is it awfully creepy that we’ve had this phenomenon 2 months in a row?  Is it even more creepy that there will be another one in November?!!

According to PinkPoutine research, this 700 year old legend of bad luck on Friday the 13th causes distress in around 17 to 21 million people in the US.  Some people are so scared of this day that they refuse to work, do risky things like drive or take a flight, or even get out of bed at all.  It’s estimated that $900 million in business is lost this day because of people’s fear!!!  What a way to fuck up the economy even more…

– love lucy