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We promise it wasn’t because we were lazy.

Actually, that’s a lie. We were. Plus the IT people in Jemma’s company were being anal about non-work related internet usage and blocked every fricking site that is interesting. We have dark periods like this once in a while but then out of nowhere they would suddenly unblock everything and life at work would be good again. Do any of our PP girls work in companies who have implicitly anal IT people like mine? I hope they are monitoring me right now and reading this you anal bastards.

So what have happened in one month? Whaaaaa? It’s only been a month?
H1N1, we regret that this whole sad disease thing is caused by something that is pink. Our apologies. PS. Did you color your masks pink yet? pig
Rihanna loves her ass. No joke. Have you seen her latest photography obsession? She caught herself on camera pitching her own ass from a weird angle.
Heidi became a Pratt. Worst decision ever in her life.
– The tweeting phenomenon, honestly who does not have one? Even if you don’t you’ll still say that you do because it’s DEE thing now.
Twilight DVD allows us to replay every single scene with a shoot of Robert’s eyes 10 gazillion times.
Lucy’s random shoe obsession (I think she mentions the word SHOE at least 5 times a day everyday the past month)

PP fans (if there are still some in existence), please don’t unfan us.. promise we’ll work harder? 🙂

– love jemma.


PP’s How To: How to pose like a poser!

How you like your pictures depend on how your body works it in the photograph (I swear). Reasons? Because the first thing you notice in pictures is the overall outlook of your body and if you see yourself slouching or if your body looks awkwardly unconfident with itself….then hell ya it shows. And you are going to so regret it very very much because you know that it will end up tagged on your facebook page by 2 a.m at night. Noone likes a slouchy princess; we PP girls know how to work it with grace and style. But don’t think because the one hand on hip and right leg crossed behind the left pose works for Gisele so it would definitely work for you.. oh girlies, if only all of us has the Gisele body. In theory, of course the pose works! But different body types can only pull off certain poses, avoid crossing that line or else it would go awfully wrong… or if you do it right, then it could flatter your body to the specs!  Pictures say a thousand words, observe the pictures and get practicing in front of a full length mirror!

If our PP girls are short with a bit of baby fat and broad shoulders (aka. Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens)


If our PP girls are at a fair height and look as though you need a sandwich (aka. Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan). A body like Victoria means you can pose however you like with your body and you’ll still look skeletal. So be fearless with what your body can do! What I noticed with Vicky B: You got legs? Spread them!

People Victoria Beckhampose05

If our PP girls are short and tiny with the littlest petite figure (aka. Our beloved one and only, Nicole Richie)
Nicole just goes whatever on the red carpet (she can go sideways too! which is only flattering for skinny frames). Sometimes she just stands there which is totally hot and PP approved.


If our PP girls are curvliciously sexy with a tall figure (aka. Katherine Heigl, Rihanna – I refuse to name Beyonce, yes I know she’s a standard in this category, but PP doesn’t like her..so..no.)

pose10Actress Katherine Heigl arrives at the third annual Hot in Holly

Work it work it work it!

– love jemma

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Introducing: tempo phase #1 (the skinny waist belt)

We tend to be obsessed over one specific fashion item for a while and then move on to the next one quite quickly. We call it our “tempo phase” (temporary-obsession)… and we do know that it’s the same name of a famous tissue company.
So the FYI on our current tempo phase is the skinny waist belt.
Jemma’s purchases include these lovely skinny bitches in every color: midnight blue (which was her last tempo phase before this one), poppy red (must have! must gg01have!), ash grey, sunshine yellow, teal green and simple black (an essential for every wardrobe). It is absolutely necessary to buy this current tempo in bright contemporary colors, even if you don’t even like bright shout-at-your-face colors in the first place. These babies just don’t work with boring dark colors, and when added to your dress, top or high waist shorts, the point is to let the belt shout for itself. It’s such an easy accessory, especially when you wake up in the morning on the wrong side of your bed and is already late for work.. you can just put on something you definitely have not put a second thought into, but save your outfit completely by putting on a poppy red skinny belt and it would make your outfit look all happy again. Trust me, dressing yourself better makes a big difference in your day!

We’d like to give some credits to the (real) skinny bitches who have modeled this tempo quite brilliantly in the past:

– love jemma




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