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Date: Feb, 2006 (when the brand first launched)
Setting: Aritzia, Vancouver (sold exclusively at)
Key Event: Jemma laid eyes on Wilfred for the very first time and immediately fell in love
Reason: Wilfred’s Cashmere & Virgin Wool Coat (in every color)

Wilfred is an in-house clothing brand sold exclusively at the Vancouver based retail store and the designer behind this brilliancy is Tenille Magnuson (age 23 – 35 with a career based mind but creative and style conscious, just like her targeted customers). She is also the brain juice behind the Talbula Babaton line – one designer for two lines in the same store? No worries, there are visible differences between the two, Wilfred is more tailored towards our fashion-forward girlies whereas Talula is more on the professional side,, fashion forward it is!

Recently (like a few days ago), they launched a website for this baby. I love Wilfred, he’s the best and you got to see it to believe it. His looks are great for any body shape and are incredibly comfy and can be dressed up or down. God, so many perfect qualities, I might even marry him.


– love jemma


Introducing: tempo phase #1 (the skinny waist belt)

We tend to be obsessed over one specific fashion item for a while and then move on to the next one quite quickly. We call it our “tempo phase” (temporary-obsession)… and we do know that it’s the same name of a famous tissue company.
So the FYI on our current tempo phase is the skinny waist belt.
Jemma’s purchases include these lovely skinny bitches in every color: midnight blue (which was her last tempo phase before this one), poppy red (must have! must gg01have!), ash grey, sunshine yellow, teal green and simple black (an essential for every wardrobe). It is absolutely necessary to buy this current tempo in bright contemporary colors, even if you don’t even like bright shout-at-your-face colors in the first place. These babies just don’t work with boring dark colors, and when added to your dress, top or high waist shorts, the point is to let the belt shout for itself. It’s such an easy accessory, especially when you wake up in the morning on the wrong side of your bed and is already late for work.. you can just put on something you definitely have not put a second thought into, but save your outfit completely by putting on a poppy red skinny belt and it would make your outfit look all happy again. Trust me, dressing yourself better makes a big difference in your day!

We’d like to give some credits to the (real) skinny bitches who have modeled this tempo quite brilliantly in the past:

– love jemma




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