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Our Person Obsession

belle03None other than Camilla Belle. This young woman with Portuguese descendant (but really half Brazilian) is only 22 years old and she makes a bold statement with her eyebrows (literally because her brows are so BOLD). I do not agree with others who claim that it was her eyebrows that made her famous, but it definitely made her more unique than others. She’s one helluva girl who holds a certain amount of sophistication, class and sexiness without any effort. She’s a natural for sure. And she’s dating Joe Jonas. For real. And she has style, along with a very pretty face and a skinny tall frame. Fricking hot.



joe jonas 030609

– love jemma


Summer shoe obsession.

May I present to you a great example when everything goes wrong except the shoes.


I’ll die for those babies. Absolutely gorgeous in every way. Even the color is amazing. God, I have yet to find who is it by. Anyone?

– love jemma.

We promise it wasn’t because we were lazy.

Actually, that’s a lie. We were. Plus the IT people in Jemma’s company were being anal about non-work related internet usage and blocked every fricking site that is interesting. We have dark periods like this once in a while but then out of nowhere they would suddenly unblock everything and life at work would be good again. Do any of our PP girls work in companies who have implicitly anal IT people like mine? I hope they are monitoring me right now and reading this you anal bastards.

So what have happened in one month? Whaaaaa? It’s only been a month?
H1N1, we regret that this whole sad disease thing is caused by something that is pink. Our apologies. PS. Did you color your masks pink yet? pig
Rihanna loves her ass. No joke. Have you seen her latest photography obsession? She caught herself on camera pitching her own ass from a weird angle.
Heidi became a Pratt. Worst decision ever in her life.
– The tweeting phenomenon, honestly who does not have one? Even if you don’t you’ll still say that you do because it’s DEE thing now.
Twilight DVD allows us to replay every single scene with a shoot of Robert’s eyes 10 gazillion times.
Lucy’s random shoe obsession (I think she mentions the word SHOE at least 5 times a day everyday the past month)

PP fans (if there are still some in existence), please don’t unfan us.. promise we’ll work harder? 🙂

– love jemma.



Date: Feb, 2006 (when the brand first launched)
Setting: Aritzia, Vancouver (sold exclusively at)
Key Event: Jemma laid eyes on Wilfred for the very first time and immediately fell in love
Reason: Wilfred’s Cashmere & Virgin Wool Coat (in every color)

Wilfred is an in-house clothing brand sold exclusively at the Vancouver based retail store and the designer behind this brilliancy is Tenille Magnuson (age 23 – 35 with a career based mind but creative and style conscious, just like her targeted customers). She is also the brain juice behind the Talbula Babaton line – one designer for two lines in the same store? No worries, there are visible differences between the two, Wilfred is more tailored towards our fashion-forward girlies whereas Talula is more on the professional side,, fashion forward it is!

Recently (like a few days ago), they launched a website for this baby. I love Wilfred, he’s the best and you got to see it to believe it. His looks are great for any body shape and are incredibly comfy and can be dressed up or down. God, so many perfect qualities, I might even marry him.


– love jemma

Burgers anyone?

Okay. So, I know most of our PP girls are on a strict no-carb, no-sugar, no-salt, no-meat..or just altogether, no-food, diet. But I’d like to express my love for gourmet burgers even in this completely inappropriate time as summer hits us in just 2 months. And I think that it is totally legit because the places I recommend are only the best and probably worth your every carb quota (or food quota for anorexic’s sake).

b11. MOS Burger ($/$$$)*
Absolutely the best Japanese fusion burger on the planet of fast food. Everything on their menu is good stuff, from teriyaki rice burgers, fried shrimp patties, saku saku and avocado chicken to their thick fries and popcorn shrimp. DROOLS.

b22. Burgeroom ($$/$$$)
So they have huge ass burgers and you can choose different loads of expensive shit in them (such as: lobster, king crab, soft shell crab, etc.). But the best part is you can add a fried egg in your burger and it is absolute heaven. And because of the running egg yolk down the sesame bun, tofu patty (Jemma’s a half veggie) and loads of tomato, it marks the place where Jemma falls in love with gourmet burgers.

b33. Gourmet Burger Union ($$$/$$$)
This was where Lucy and Jemma had their first burger meal together (everybody all together: awwwweee). GBU, aka DYI your own burger, lets you add whatever you want in whatever weird burger combination you can think of. It fulfills any bizarre burger fetish you have and does it deliciously. P.S. you can choose your own buns too!

I’m going to stop at 3. Because it’s bad for my diet.

* For all our PP girls who are saving up for yet another Chanel wallet (like Jemma is, but this time, a classic one, oh and in black), I have included price ranges for your convenience. FYI, even $$$ really isn’t that expensive so indulge away ladies!

– love jemma

Bring me flowers for Spring

Spring is the best time to bring out the florals. It’ll do you good by brightening up your wardrobe to match the season and the flowers would look way cute under the breezy sunny weather. You’ll make people happy with your Spring-y outfit, and I mean, who doesn’t want to make people happy?  : )   

Lauren Conrad made me happy just by looking at this picture.


Her in a Tucker smocked silk blouse.
Swear to god, florals in Spring are the best invention ever (if that even makes sense).

– love jemma

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Can I pls have these shoes? Pretty please?


From Jimmy Choo’s 2009 Spring Ad Campaign
Something about the picture that is so sexy. Is it how the heel is creating a line in her inner thighs? No idea, but everything about the picture makes me want those shoes! So this is what good advertisement does to you.

– love jemma

PS. must buy OPI nail polish in Keys To My Karma  (red)  NOW.