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Action 124 – Don’t worry if you make a mistake

In 1853 New York, there was a very picky customer and a very grumpy chef. The customer demanded that his potatoes be cut thinner and fried longer. Furious, the chef cut them very thin, fried them fro ages and covered them in salt. The customer asked for more. Hooooray! The crisp chip was born.

Christopher Columbus was an explorer lookng for Asia. But in 1492 he sailed the wrong way and ended up in an entirely different continent. Happily for him, he didn’t realize at the time and announced, quite smugly, that here he was in Asia. And so it was that America was discovered.

If someone, at some stage hadn’t made a mistake the world wouldn’t have Coca Cola or frisbees, popsicles or chips, penicillin, cheese, slinky-dinks, or America!

Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Sometimes our biggest mistakes are our best inventions.

– excerpt from

BRILLIANT! I dedicate this to all our PP girls who beat themselves up like Jemma does after simple mistakes and act like it’s the end of the world, when really, who the frick cares?
The site is by organization that is trying to change the world one action at a time / per person. It’s cool stuff, especially since we PP girls strongly believe in making the world a better place (GO GREEN!!) because we need our grandchildren’s grandchildren to be alive to buy us our Versace purses or our million dollar Baroda pearls, or whatever luxury stuff that grannies buy (a $4.5 million dollars silk, Persian, 500 years old rug maybe?).

– love jemma


Burgers anyone?

Okay. So, I know most of our PP girls are on a strict no-carb, no-sugar, no-salt, no-meat..or just altogether, no-food, diet. But I’d like to express my love for gourmet burgers even in this completely inappropriate time as summer hits us in just 2 months. And I think that it is totally legit because the places I recommend are only the best and probably worth your every carb quota (or food quota for anorexic’s sake).

b11. MOS Burger ($/$$$)*
Absolutely the best Japanese fusion burger on the planet of fast food. Everything on their menu is good stuff, from teriyaki rice burgers, fried shrimp patties, saku saku and avocado chicken to their thick fries and popcorn shrimp. DROOLS.

b22. Burgeroom ($$/$$$)
So they have huge ass burgers and you can choose different loads of expensive shit in them (such as: lobster, king crab, soft shell crab, etc.). But the best part is you can add a fried egg in your burger and it is absolute heaven. And because of the running egg yolk down the sesame bun, tofu patty (Jemma’s a half veggie) and loads of tomato, it marks the place where Jemma falls in love with gourmet burgers.

b33. Gourmet Burger Union ($$$/$$$)
This was where Lucy and Jemma had their first burger meal together (everybody all together: awwwweee). GBU, aka DYI your own burger, lets you add whatever you want in whatever weird burger combination you can think of. It fulfills any bizarre burger fetish you have and does it deliciously. P.S. you can choose your own buns too!

I’m going to stop at 3. Because it’s bad for my diet.

* For all our PP girls who are saving up for yet another Chanel wallet (like Jemma is, but this time, a classic one, oh and in black), I have included price ranges for your convenience. FYI, even $$$ really isn’t that expensive so indulge away ladies!

– love jemma

A teaspoon a day makes your skin problems go away!

honeyWedderspoon Organic Manuka Active (OMA) 16+ Honey in 500g. I refuse to publish any information you can find on their website.. copy and pasting is not cool and there’s no point on rephrasing what is already pretty straightforward and simple. But anyhow, what the website did not mention is that other than curing flus and colds, this stuff helps your skin too! Apparently it kills all the dirty stuff in your immune system and your skin looks healthier. PinkPoutine sources say that you can have it on toast or mix it with water, but your PP administrators know that it’s best to take a teaspoon of it raw (but either way it has to be the first thing you put in your stomach everyday). Unfortunately girls, as much as we want to deny, beauty has its consequences. It’s utterly dis-gust-ing because the honey is really thick, you have to wait for it to melt in your mouth and the process of it is slow and dreadful (unless you’re a honey freak, if you are, then this should be heaven to you). Both Lucy and I take it everyday first thing in the morning.. and we totally allow and encourage PP copycats.

P.S. there are different activity levels for this product and the highest is 16+ and this one has an effect on the digestion system… so maybe weight management also?

– love jemma.


This Is Why You’re Fat.

We all have our guilty pleasures. For our sake, it’s the fries with the gravy and all other goodies. For some people, it’s the godiva chocolates and Frito-lay cheetos. But for some Americans (I pinpoint Americans, because they are probably the only people who have the courage to stick these babies in their mouths), their guilty pleasures consist of burgers over 30,000 calories, fries fried (again) wrapped around mars bars and extra large pizzas with a few special toppings – caramel and chocolate sauce, marshmallows, gum drops, M&M’s, coconut flakes, candy hearts and candy fried eggs.. oh, plus chopped pecans. Am I hard to believe? Girls, prepare to be utterly disgusted.


Behold, the 30,000 calories sandwich. This baby is filled with ground beef, bacon, corn dogs, ham, pastrami, roast beef, bratwurst, braunschweiger and turkey, topped with fried mushrooms, onion rings, swiss/provolone/cheddar/feta/parmesan cheeses, lettuce and butter on a fricking huge loaf of white bread. Just the fact that it’s on white bread alone gives me chills.


 This one is LOL. So the name is a Turbaconucken – a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.. all wrapped with bacon. YUM YUM! I just think the appearance looks like some kinda of messed up garbage.


I like this one because I think it is pretty : ) But I’ll probably die of cholesterol overdose just by eating this. And I’m only in my 20s. (PS. that’s 11 sunny side up eggs)


Sloppy joes featuring glazed Krispy Kreme. I never understand these combinations, should the salty stick with the salty and sugar with the sugar? I mean, salt and sweet mixed together all in one bite  just doesn’t do it for me.

If you girls want some more challenge to your appetite, as if it’s not ruined already, feel free to indulge yourself in some more of these delicious goodies (sarcasim only) – pls visit (it’s a real site, I did not make this up).

– love jemma

The 5 things in life Pink Poutine girls should not live without for Spring2009:

1) A big bright bag.llpurplebag
Jemma emphasizes on the bright, and lucy would probably do so for the BIG (her bags usually take up half of her whole body size). Take the following example:

We find that if you realize that you have put on an insanely boring outfit right when you start to head out the door for work, a quick fix would be to keep your bag interesting… and what can be more interesting than a big ass bag in hot magenta pink which catches all the attention from your black top + black leggings + black boots + black jacket outfit? What a statement made!

2) A glass of soymilk a day.
skinnybitchUnless you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade, you probably know that cow’s milk is a big nono for humans like you and me.  Why?  Simply because mammals aren’t supposed to drink milk from other species of mammals, and we aren’t supposed to drink milk at all after childhood.  Drinking milk (especially cow’s milk) in adulthood gives you too much calorie intake (making you potentially obese), too many harmful cancer causing chemicals used to make the milk last longer, and too many wrong enzymes which are toxic to your body and take away your calcium rather then supplement you.  For more info on why you have not been informed of this all your life (it’s not your fault if you don’t know, actually), read NY Times bestseller Skinny Bitch (Lucy’s fave book of all time) by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, models turned writers.  If you wanna be healthy and have a bangin bod that comes easily, think twice before you don the malicious mustache, and take pride in enjoying soymilk with your daily starbucks fixes.

3) A pair of wide leg trousers.trousers2
Equal parts masculine and feminine, the wide-legged trousers totally scream out HOTNESS.  We don’t know whether its the fact that we’re gaga over the 60s style, or whether an androgynous style simply shouts COOL no matter who’s wearing it (think jennifer anniston).  As opposed to the wide-legged denim jeans that were back in style 2 years ago, the trouser is jenannistonmore sophisticated, more stressed on cutting and elegance, and more versatile because it can much easily be dressed up.  Girls, these are a must have in an era where trends are moving back towards coco chanel-esque expectations on being ‘put together’ rather then the sloppy preppy styles that we have so become used to.  For spring, opt for light colors (beige, white) and match with dark tanks or blouses tucked inside and paired with an intricate belt (thick or thin will both look good).  With the wide leg, you can wear a comfortable wedge rather then those painful stilletos, and accesorize your world away with all the extra body space that comes with the elongated legs.  Wear you hair loosely to balance top and bottom.


Lavande cafe at Central Prince's terrace, Hong Kong

4) A good, local café with a patio
We’ve always imagined spring filled with lazy afternoons when we would just relax with a bunch of girlfriends catching up on the latest gossip on our rivals and sipping on our mocha lattes and strawberry banana smoothies with our big Chanel sunglasses on (sun or no sun). The café must have both the healthy and the unhealthy. Fresh fruit juices, egg white omelettes and yogurt parfaits are for the afternoon tea breaks from a long day of shopping for your new summer wardrobe (must fit in those bikinis!). Cookies & cream frappacino with extra whipped cream, french fries with loads of ketchup and double chocolate cheesecakes are for the days when you partied way too hard the night before and is experiencing a very brutal hangover. It must have good comfy couches (stay away from leather ones, personally it hurts my ass) and they allow long, long sittings and would not mind the occasional loud LOL-laughters from a bunch of gossip girlies. And we emphasize on a patio because well, aren’t we all sick of the winter indoors already? Plus, we need an occasion to rock out our new shades. If all of the above requirements are fulfilled, congratulations, you have found your ultimate hangout place in which you and your girlfriends can sit for hours and hours, enjoy great food and drinks, and chit chat all worries away.

PS. Building good relationships with the owner or waiters are a PLUS! Always work your charm girls, always work your charm ; )

5) A few good blogs bookmarked.
Okay, obviously we’re not hardselling Pink Poutine because we did say “a few good blogs,” which also means we’re promoting for our competitors. We strongly emphasize how important it is for our PP girls to keep up with the latest of the latest.. in gossip, fashion, health, parties, news, etc. etc. Our girls are knowledgeable in all areas of the spectrum thank you very much. Especially since summers are usually the best times of the year — it’s when everything that can happen will happen. We need to be prepared to be discovered, prepared to amaze and wow others, prepared to make it the best summer yet. There’s no better way to do so than… to READ PINK POUTINE! (okay fine, and other blogs as well.)

– love jemma & lucy

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Would you like Fries with that?

We strongly believe that 8 cups of water a day can keep the botox away.
If all else fails, we suntan our worries away.
We do what we wanna do, when we do.
We use highlighters just to make life colorful.
We spend five out of eight work hours reading blogs.
We strategically hide our 6 opened msn messenger windows on our monitors every single day.
We set our clocks 10 minutes faster so we can afford to be fashionably late.
We press speakerphone when dialing calls just to appear busy.
We both got chihuahuas when Paris Hilton was still hot. our pups are still workin it but paris is not.
We worship Balenciaga‘s motorcycle bag, in every single color.
James Franco makes our insides tingle!
We envision peanut butter like heaven – raw or with toast, it makes us happy the most!
We can’t see a life without our blackberry and iphone, they are praised like Gods.
We’re too embarassed to add colleagues in facebook cause of all the semi-naked slutty photos we’re tagged in.


We figured that life is too short to waste hours behind the desk doing nothing, so we took a stand against mundane work protocol and the risk of getting fired….. and Pink Poutine was born!

Greek poutine, steak poutine, hamburger poutine, Italian poutine, stuffed poutine, chicken poutine, wedges poutine and the classic poutine… but what’s Pink Poutine?

Our girls like to share their lives over comfort foods, fries are our top priority and when you add cheese and gravy, it would seem as though life gets better by the bite. While the classic poutine is great for normal, uninteresting people, Pink Poutine is specially tailored for the young, hip, fashion forward, gossipy ladies out there (not to mention smokin’ hot of course) with all sorts of goodness in the checker patterned cup. But get this, the best of all, Pink Poutine is completely calorie-free… pig yourself out girls!

– love lucy & jemma

PS. Pink Poutine and its two gorgeous creators have one more thing in common….they are all proud to be Canadian!