what’s with the fries?

We strongly believe that 8 cups of water a day can keep the botox away.
If all else fails, we suntan our worries away.
We do what we wanna do, when we do.
We use highlighters just to make life colorful.
We spend five out of eight work hours reading blogs.
We strategically hide our 6 opened msn messenger windows on our monitors every single day.
We set our clocks 10 minutes faster so we can afford to be fashionably late.
We press speakerphone when dialing calls just to appear busy.
We both got chihuahuas when Paris Hilton was still hot. our pups are still workin it but paris is not.
We worship Balenciaga‘s motorcycle bag, in every single color.
James Franco makes our insides tingle!
We envision peanut butter like heaven – raw or with toast, it makes us happy the most!
We can’t see a life without our blackberry and iphone, they are praised like Gods.
We’re too embarassed to add colleagues in facebook cause of all the semi-naked slutty photos we’re tagged in.


We figured that life is too short to waste hours behind the desk doing nothing, so we took a stand against mundane work protocol and the risk of getting fired….. and Pink Poutine was born!

Greek poutine, steak poutine, hamburger poutine, Italian poutine, stuffed poutine, chicken poutine, wedges poutine and the classic poutine… but what’s Pink Poutine?

Our girls like to share their lives over comfort foods, fries are our top priority and when you add cheese and gravy, it would seem as though life gets better by the bite. While the classic poutine is great for normal, uninteresting people, Pink Poutine is specially tailored for the young, hip, fashion forward, gossipy ladies out there (not to mention smokin’ hot of course) with all sorts of goodness in the checker patterned cup. But get this, the best of all, Pink Poutine is completely calorie-free… pig yourself out girls!

– love lucy & jemma


PS. Pink Poutine and its two gorgeous creators have one more thing in common….they are all proud to be Canadian!


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