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Action 124 – Don’t worry if you make a mistake

In 1853 New York, there was a very picky customer and a very grumpy chef. The customer demanded that his potatoes be cut thinner and fried longer. Furious, the chef cut them very thin, fried them fro ages and covered them in salt. The customer asked for more. Hooooray! The crisp chip was born.

Christopher Columbus was an explorer lookng for Asia. But in 1492 he sailed the wrong way and ended up in an entirely different continent. Happily for him, he didn’t realize at the time and announced, quite smugly, that here he was in Asia. And so it was that America was discovered.

If someone, at some stage hadn’t made a mistake the world wouldn’t have Coca Cola or frisbees, popsicles or chips, penicillin, cheese, slinky-dinks, or America!

Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Sometimes our biggest mistakes are our best inventions.

– excerpt from

BRILLIANT! I dedicate this to all our PP girls who beat themselves up like Jemma does after simple mistakes and act like it’s the end of the world, when really, who the frick cares?
The site is by organization that is trying to change the world one action at a time / per person. It’s cool stuff, especially since we PP girls strongly believe in making the world a better place (GO GREEN!!) because we need our grandchildren’s grandchildren to be alive to buy us our Versace purses or our million dollar Baroda pearls, or whatever luxury stuff that grannies buy (a $4.5 million dollars silk, Persian, 500 years old rug maybe?).

– love jemma


PP’s How To: How to pose like a poser!

How you like your pictures depend on how your body works it in the photograph (I swear). Reasons? Because the first thing you notice in pictures is the overall outlook of your body and if you see yourself slouching or if your body looks awkwardly unconfident with itself….then hell ya it shows. And you are going to so regret it very very much because you know that it will end up tagged on your facebook page by 2 a.m at night. Noone likes a slouchy princess; we PP girls know how to work it with grace and style. But don’t think because the one hand on hip and right leg crossed behind the left pose works for Gisele so it would definitely work for you.. oh girlies, if only all of us has the Gisele body. In theory, of course the pose works! But different body types can only pull off certain poses, avoid crossing that line or else it would go awfully wrong… or if you do it right, then it could flatter your body to the specs!  Pictures say a thousand words, observe the pictures and get practicing in front of a full length mirror!

If our PP girls are short with a bit of baby fat and broad shoulders (aka. Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens)


If our PP girls are at a fair height and look as though you need a sandwich (aka. Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan). A body like Victoria means you can pose however you like with your body and you’ll still look skeletal. So be fearless with what your body can do! What I noticed with Vicky B: You got legs? Spread them!

People Victoria Beckhampose05

If our PP girls are short and tiny with the littlest petite figure (aka. Our beloved one and only, Nicole Richie)
Nicole just goes whatever on the red carpet (she can go sideways too! which is only flattering for skinny frames). Sometimes she just stands there which is totally hot and PP approved.


If our PP girls are curvliciously sexy with a tall figure (aka. Katherine Heigl, Rihanna – I refuse to name Beyonce, yes I know she’s a standard in this category, but PP doesn’t like

pose10Actress Katherine Heigl arrives at the third annual Hot in Holly

Work it work it work it!

– love jemma


What makes your inside tingle and outside mingle?

PinkPoutine answer: the good old puppy love.

But when our girls get too old for puppy love, then it’s probably the, what we call, dating honeymoon period. Now, the dating honeymoon period (DHP) is completely different from the actual honeymoon period (AHP). AHP is after the vows have been publicly announced to every single person you know, DHP is when probably your second level friends (the ones after your best friends) still have no idea you are dating someone. AHP consists of a whole tona expensive dinners, expensive resorts, expensive air tickets, expensive whatever, DHP requires zip dollars, ZIP. All you need is a couch to make out away on and both of you would be equally satisfied and happy. Okay, so now that we have addressed the differences between these two titles, it’s time for us to tell you how to keep our insides still tingling and our outsides still mingling (by maintaining a long, sweet honeymoon period of course).

1) Never be afraid to show that your interested.
DUH. Or else how are you going to keep the sparks flying? Call him out of nowhere and text him about nothing. Let him know your thinking of him but not actually saying it, trust me, it’s doable, it’s not rocket science.
2) Remind yourself every single day that guys are so stupidly simple.
Sometimes they don’t text or call back because they are busy or tired. Their life does not revolve around you (and you shouldn’t expect it to anyways because your not an official gf yet). And do accept that they are forgetful. Men are always forgetful. It’s annoying, but it’s life.
3) It’s okay to skip out on a date if your busy (really busy, like, with actual things to do and not just pretending)
Some of our girlfriends beat themselves up for declining on a date because they were stuck at work OT-ing and had to cancel out last minute. Girls, it’s A-OKAY to have a life and show to him that you do. Actually, I think it’s sexier that way. Some guys might be intimidated, but I think intimidation is hella sexy. And hey, if your future-man can’t put up with you having your own life and scared the hell outa him, then maybe you should rethink about what your getting yourself into.
4) Play hard to get is so 20 years ago.
That’s something our moms did back in the 70s. With our generation now, it’s all about straightforwardness and fearlessness. Yes, be FEARLESS, speak up and express yourselves openly. Guys like it when their girl is certain and upfront. We don’t like mind games, so why would they (knowing that they are so stupidly simple, right?).
5) Sorry, but there’s expiry dates for the honeymoon period.
As much as we would LOVE for this time to last, it doesn’t. Sooner or later you would have to end this time by becoming his official gf (like, as if that sounds so bad). IT DOES! You have no idea what your giving up for to become an official – the does he love me or does he not period makes life much more exciting! And usually when your in this period, everything between you two is a first.. the first time he said I miss you, the first time he took you to a beach, the first time he picked you up from work, the first time he played with your Chihuahua, etc.etc. It’s an awesome time I tell you. But you have to let this time go because (everyone act shocked together) life is not perfect. And just like expired milk, you need to hit the next stage before your honeymoon period ends, or else it turns sour. Trust me on this.

Please note that all of the above is personal PP opinion. It’s really cool stuff but might not be enitrely true in the non-PP world. Happy dating everyone!

– love jemma

A teaspoon a day makes your skin problems go away!

honeyWedderspoon Organic Manuka Active (OMA) 16+ Honey in 500g. I refuse to publish any information you can find on their website.. copy and pasting is not cool and there’s no point on rephrasing what is already pretty straightforward and simple. But anyhow, what the website did not mention is that other than curing flus and colds, this stuff helps your skin too! Apparently it kills all the dirty stuff in your immune system and your skin looks healthier. PinkPoutine sources say that you can have it on toast or mix it with water, but your PP administrators know that it’s best to take a teaspoon of it raw (but either way it has to be the first thing you put in your stomach everyday). Unfortunately girls, as much as we want to deny, beauty has its consequences. It’s utterly dis-gust-ing because the honey is really thick, you have to wait for it to melt in your mouth and the process of it is slow and dreadful (unless you’re a honey freak, if you are, then this should be heaven to you). Both Lucy and I take it everyday first thing in the morning.. and we totally allow and encourage PP copycats.

P.S. there are different activity levels for this product and the highest is 16+ and this one has an effect on the digestion system… so maybe weight management also?

– love jemma.


Meow for the Cat’s Eye!

Make up is magic. It’s easy to look like a million dollars just by the make up you have on – it just takes the right blush color, good powder and to die for eye liner. If you ask me what’s the one thing I can’t leave my house without, it’s mascara and eyeliner. Girls, those who have yet to experience these two magical tubes of being, you have absolutely not lived the life where your eyes suddenly get twice bigger.  Trust me, big, attractive eyes get most of the attention in this world. Now, there are a million ways to put on eyeliner: the thick way, the thin way, the is that eyeshadow or eyeliner way.. and PinkPoutine’s favorite.. the cat’s eye way!

1113-nicole-richie_bdWe adore (x10000000) cat’s eye and it was all initially inspired by our queen, Nicole Richie. It is her signature look in all her appearances, whether it is getting coffee at coffee bean on a Monday morning, taking Harlow to the park in the afternoon, walking the red carpet at some luxurious event at night, or partying into wee hours until sunrise. For the day, you can keep the ends shorter to keep it casual. But for the night, make it as dramatic as possible because you never know whose the next person to be mesmerized by your squinty eyes stare (it’s pretty mesmerizing I tell you).


I feel as though this post needs some sort of instructions on how to make cat’s eye in order to complete the post. I’m no make up expert, the only advise I can give you (which is exactly how I learned to do it) is practice makes perfect : ) draw away ladies. Of course, accompanying my brilliant advise is a close up picture for you to observe, absorb and act. Good luck.


– love jemma

PS. She’s Taylor Swift.

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The day Acne dies and goes to hell, forever.

Unlike lucy babe who has perfect, smooth, silky skin (TO DIE FOR!), jemma has a pretty serious acne problem. You can’t tell really, but that’s just because jemma uses hellouva good concealer (NARS and benefit) and she goes though tons and tons of acne products. So you can say, I’m pretty experienced with those lil red bitches and I can give you the 411 on what works and what don’t. Recently, jemma discovered…  A CURE FOR ACNE!!!!!!! At least for her. Well, kinda. There’s still acne, but less. Which is a good sign? Okay I should stop doubting myself.

Introducing.. Ettusais.
This oil-free, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and colourant-free baby is a sub-brand from Shiseido and its products 34811are to target adult acne. My first purchase of the brand is the Ettusais Medicated Acne Skin Version Up EXTRA EXTRA softener. Right, the name is super ass long and we all know what that means — it means that the product is really no good and they are trying their hardest to cramp up all the good words into one name to make it sound really professional and cool. Anyhow, it supposingly is a permeation promoting liquid for softer skin by making it more moisture absorbent and less ‘hydrophobic’ (no idea what that word means but I never knew our skin was phobic of water?).  It is formulated with AC control oil to suppress acne and optimize your skin’s natural moisture (if this is all alien language to you, here it is in simple human language: NO OIL, GOOD MOISTURE). 

Here is how it works:
Soften your skin’s surface layer, with this softener. It will penetrate rapidly into the skin after washing your face, optimizing your skin’s natural moisture absorption strength so that it absorbs all the goodness of your moisturizer. Prevents pimples as it keeps the skin dewy fresh.

So really, what you put on AFTER you apply this softener is what really matters. So it acts as a middle person. A pretty cool mediator if you ask me. After a week (or less) of everyday usage, I did see some improvements with my skin. It does seem smoother and my face seems clearer. Now, I’m not completely acne-free of course. My hormones are still jumping around everywhere and with the pollution in the city I live in, no way do I expect any product that can make my acne disappear forever magically. What a wonderful life if that could happen, it would be perfect, like Britney Spears before K-Fed.

My verdict: mehh, might as well try it. I strongly believe that every skin care or comestic product works differently on everyone. So if there’s one more possible cure out there, might as well spend that extra $25USD to give it a try. Who knows, it might change your life.

– love jemma


The 5 things in life Pink Poutine girls should not live without for Spring2009:

1) A big bright bag.llpurplebag
Jemma emphasizes on the bright, and lucy would probably do so for the BIG (her bags usually take up half of her whole body size). Take the following example:

We find that if you realize that you have put on an insanely boring outfit right when you start to head out the door for work, a quick fix would be to keep your bag interesting… and what can be more interesting than a big ass bag in hot magenta pink which catches all the attention from your black top + black leggings + black boots + black jacket outfit? What a statement made!

2) A glass of soymilk a day.
skinnybitchUnless you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade, you probably know that cow’s milk is a big nono for humans like you and me.  Why?  Simply because mammals aren’t supposed to drink milk from other species of mammals, and we aren’t supposed to drink milk at all after childhood.  Drinking milk (especially cow’s milk) in adulthood gives you too much calorie intake (making you potentially obese), too many harmful cancer causing chemicals used to make the milk last longer, and too many wrong enzymes which are toxic to your body and take away your calcium rather then supplement you.  For more info on why you have not been informed of this all your life (it’s not your fault if you don’t know, actually), read NY Times bestseller Skinny Bitch (Lucy’s fave book of all time) by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, models turned writers.  If you wanna be healthy and have a bangin bod that comes easily, think twice before you don the malicious mustache, and take pride in enjoying soymilk with your daily starbucks fixes.

3) A pair of wide leg trousers.trousers2
Equal parts masculine and feminine, the wide-legged trousers totally scream out HOTNESS.  We don’t know whether its the fact that we’re gaga over the 60s style, or whether an androgynous style simply shouts COOL no matter who’s wearing it (think jennifer anniston).  As opposed to the wide-legged denim jeans that were back in style 2 years ago, the trouser is jenannistonmore sophisticated, more stressed on cutting and elegance, and more versatile because it can much easily be dressed up.  Girls, these are a must have in an era where trends are moving back towards coco chanel-esque expectations on being ‘put together’ rather then the sloppy preppy styles that we have so become used to.  For spring, opt for light colors (beige, white) and match with dark tanks or blouses tucked inside and paired with an intricate belt (thick or thin will both look good).  With the wide leg, you can wear a comfortable wedge rather then those painful stilletos, and accesorize your world away with all the extra body space that comes with the elongated legs.  Wear you hair loosely to balance top and bottom.


Lavande cafe at Central Prince's terrace, Hong Kong

4) A good, local café with a patio
We’ve always imagined spring filled with lazy afternoons when we would just relax with a bunch of girlfriends catching up on the latest gossip on our rivals and sipping on our mocha lattes and strawberry banana smoothies with our big Chanel sunglasses on (sun or no sun). The café must have both the healthy and the unhealthy. Fresh fruit juices, egg white omelettes and yogurt parfaits are for the afternoon tea breaks from a long day of shopping for your new summer wardrobe (must fit in those bikinis!). Cookies & cream frappacino with extra whipped cream, french fries with loads of ketchup and double chocolate cheesecakes are for the days when you partied way too hard the night before and is experiencing a very brutal hangover. It must have good comfy couches (stay away from leather ones, personally it hurts my ass) and they allow long, long sittings and would not mind the occasional loud LOL-laughters from a bunch of gossip girlies. And we emphasize on a patio because well, aren’t we all sick of the winter indoors already? Plus, we need an occasion to rock out our new shades. If all of the above requirements are fulfilled, congratulations, you have found your ultimate hangout place in which you and your girlfriends can sit for hours and hours, enjoy great food and drinks, and chit chat all worries away.

PS. Building good relationships with the owner or waiters are a PLUS! Always work your charm girls, always work your charm ; )

5) A few good blogs bookmarked.
Okay, obviously we’re not hardselling Pink Poutine because we did say “a few good blogs,” which also means we’re promoting for our competitors. We strongly emphasize how important it is for our PP girls to keep up with the latest of the latest.. in gossip, fashion, health, parties, news, etc. etc. Our girls are knowledgeable in all areas of the spectrum thank you very much. Especially since summers are usually the best times of the year — it’s when everything that can happen will happen. We need to be prepared to be discovered, prepared to amaze and wow others, prepared to make it the best summer yet. There’s no better way to do so than… to READ PINK POUTINE! (okay fine, and other blogs as well.)

– love jemma & lucy

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