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So the Barbie World is real folks.

I expect our PP girls should all be ex-Barbie fans — back in the days when people owned big dogs and brought them hiking and skiing, instead of today’s tiny chihuahuas where their outfit must match yours (which is, a very long time ago). So, we should all be familiar with the happy Barbie world where no color exist other than the color Pink. Good news girls (maybe?), this all-Pink world is happening in real human life and I have proof.


Evidence #1:

Paris Hilton 2009-02-12 - at Harmony Lane Boutique in Beverly Hills


Paris Hilton forgot there are other colors on Planet Earth which she can actually wear on her body. As much as I’d love to embrace Pink… Uh, no no no no NO. Not this way please girls, it’s not okay to do this to yourself… or to your $200,000USD Bentley Continental GT.




Everytime I see this picture, I sympathize deeply for the poor thing. The poor, expensive, luxurious thing, sigh.


Evidence #2:

Even poutines have gone pink!

(FYI, I’m talking about the site you are currently reading, not really edible.)


Evidence #3:

PINK DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??


Okay. Before I get all OMG THIS IS MY ULTIMATE HEAVEN on my PP girls, you all have to understand that I have this unexplainable fetish and love for dolphins. I go gugu gaga over these cute little sea mammals at aquariums, cruises, television, everywhere! I have a secret dream and it’s to become a dolphin trainer, honestly it doesn’t get any better than that.. I’ll die happy.


Okay. So here it goes.. OMFG IT’S A PINK DOLPHIN GODDAMIT! let’s see it again, in another angle to further prove its actualness..




Absolutely breathtaking.  

Is it possible? Is this really possible? Yes it is girls, it’s actually R-E-A-L. no paint, no joke.

This cute little guy is an albino bottlenose dolphin and it was born with more of a rose color when it was a calf two years ago. Spotted at Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana, it’s attracting a lot of attention from tourists. Anyone want to take me there so that I can reunite with my pet soul mate?


Oh my Pinkness.


– love jemma


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