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PinkPoutine wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amosu11opy but PinkPoutine can’t get because it’s a tad over budget. errrm just a tad, how about $5,684USD over?
We assume only Paris Hilton would slurge on such a pinky pink 5 grand purchase.
But it’s okay to dream….. and to print the picture out, cut it into shape and stick it on the surface of your blackberry right?

Check out all the expensive goodies at the Pricy Spicy site!

– love jemma


Britney’s Back!


I’m so proud of this girl.  There has been raving reviews of her tour and ….aren’t her costumes just TO DIE FOR?  I think Britney is live proof that if we dream it, and want it enough, there’s nothing that we can’t overcome.  Whether it be your boday, your self-esteem, your crapaholic relationship, or just your entire screwed up life….take your life into your own hands girls.  Be the change that you wanna see.



brit4brit5 brit61brit2


friday13thIt means fear of friday the 13th.  As jemma likes to think, long names are used to cover up things that really suck.  Ever since we were kids, we’ve known that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck, and we should be careful in every possible way.  Well, my superstitious divas, brace yourselves because the SECOND Friday the 13th of 2009 is arriving next week!  Is it just me or is it awfully creepy that we’ve had this phenomenon 2 months in a row?  Is it even more creepy that there will be another one in November?!!

According to PinkPoutine research, this 700 year old legend of bad luck on Friday the 13th causes distress in around 17 to 21 million people in the US.  Some people are so scared of this day that they refuse to work, do risky things like drive or take a flight, or even get out of bed at all.  It’s estimated that $900 million in business is lost this day because of people’s fear!!!  What a way to fuck up the economy even more…

– love lucy

Footwear Fetish

Jemma and lucy live in Hong Kong.  Hot, Humid, bad roadwork, bad traffic, travel by foot Hong Kong where everyone works 10+ long n hard low pay hours a day amidst the worst financial crisis in forever, and are still expected to look ultra (Devil Wears Prada) chic and high fashion at work…..HOW THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN? When dealing with all that shit, girls, it’s time to shake your finger at the 4-inch Louboutin stilettos that used to define your idea of good taste in business wear, because if you are like us, these are your main priorities in life:

1)      HAVE IT ALL.

a.       Yes there’s only one point.

So for this reason and this reason only, you simply must try the 
PP fab favorites in footwear


These babies were designed by an Italian billionaire who found his feet to be developing blisters because of the scorching heat while he was jogging at his family winery.  It was so uncomfortablgeoxcristale that he cut holes in the soles of his shoes to let air in.  When his feet felt SO much better, he decided to make shoes surrounding this principal.  GEOX shoes are made with NASA spacesuit material, and high quality rubber and leather with porous membranes that lets moisture out and dry air in without getting your feet wet even when you jump in puddles.  This sort of ventilation means no swollen feet to cause painful scratches, and fresh cool feet that can work, play, or shop for hours and hours without feeling tired.  Not to mention the arch is comfy and the soles are thick but soft.  The major plus to this shoe as opposed to Clarks or Ecco, is that it comes in some pretty sweet looking buckled and embellished styles that might get a second glance as a marc Jacobs creation, and it costs about a tenth (about $200-$300) of what your Louboutins might cost you.  If you live in a hot city like us or have to walk a lot on the job, these shoes are a MUST HAVE!


danadavis3This new collection straight from SOCAL has the most fashion-forward orthopedic shoes EVER on the face of this planet.  Pioneered by Dana, a victim of foot related pain due to diabetes her whole life, and a leading foot and ankle surgeon in LA, these shoes give you high fashion and high heels with arch contours and a supporting mid-sole (you won’t understand it until you try them on) that lets you walk effortlessly in comfort all day long while looking so fab you won’t even believe it.  For more comfort you can even buy extra removable orthotics.  Running at around $200-$400 per pair (pricey but still worth it) and worn by Anne Hathaway at this year’s Oscars, they are a guarantee to feeling like a million bucks.


Dana Davis

– love lucy


Maxi Mania!

Ok.  Word has it that the Maxi dress mania that sorta came back in 2008 will be even more popular for summer 2009.  No joke girls, this versatile frock will replace the Juicy Couture terry jumpsuit and change the definition of casual wear for good.  Casual wear no longer entails baggy sweats and figure hiding mono-color hoodies, but beautiful, flowing, colorful, and (most importantly) COMFORTABLE floor length dresses of the 60’s that make you look super sexy and feminine but tres comfy at the same time.  To switch up the regular look, you can also go for spaghetti strap, strapless, halter, low back, empire waist, or the one-strap maxi dress.  To go from low-key to uptown, simply let your hair down and pair with some big vintage shades.  To go from day to evening, don a belt, some embellished sandals, a fancy clutch, and you’re off to go!  The maxi is great cause it’ll look super flirty in gals of all shapes.  If you have a full figure, this dress will elongate you (think salma hayek), and if you’re really thin, the flowing bottom will accentuate a curvier figure (think giselle).  It’s easy to say that there is no better way to be in maximum comfort and so effortlessly hot in just one minimal move.


 – Love Lucy