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Our Person Obsession

belle03None other than Camilla Belle. This young woman with Portuguese descendant (but really half Brazilian) is only 22 years old and she makes a bold statement with her eyebrows (literally because her brows are so BOLD). I do not agree with others who claim that it was her eyebrows that made her famous, but it definitely made her more unique than others. She’s one helluva girl who holds a certain amount of sophistication, class and sexiness without any effort. She’s a natural for sure. And she’s dating Joe Jonas. For real. And she has style, along with a very pretty face and a skinny tall frame. Fricking hot.



joe jonas 030609

– love jemma




Date: Feb, 2006 (when the brand first launched)
Setting: Aritzia, Vancouver (sold exclusively at)
Key Event: Jemma laid eyes on Wilfred for the very first time and immediately fell in love
Reason: Wilfred’s Cashmere & Virgin Wool Coat (in every color)

Wilfred is an in-house clothing brand sold exclusively at the Vancouver based retail store and the designer behind this brilliancy is Tenille Magnuson (age 23 – 35 with a career based mind but creative and style conscious, just like her targeted customers). She is also the brain juice behind the Talbula Babaton line – one designer for two lines in the same store? No worries, there are visible differences between the two, Wilfred is more tailored towards our fashion-forward girlies whereas Talula is more on the professional side,, fashion forward it is!

Recently (like a few days ago), they launched a website for this baby. I love Wilfred, he’s the best and you got to see it to believe it. His looks are great for any body shape and are incredibly comfy and can be dressed up or down. God, so many perfect qualities, I might even marry him.


– love jemma

Can I pls have these shoes? Pretty please?


From Jimmy Choo’s 2009 Spring Ad Campaign
Something about the picture that is so sexy. Is it how the heel is creating a line in her inner thighs? No idea, but everything about the picture makes me want those shoes! So this is what good advertisement does to you.

– love jemma

PS. must buy OPI nail polish in Keys To My Karma  (red)  NOW.

Hairdo to Impress

I love having fun with my hair. The hair has to match every outfit and every event in order to look smashin’ and rock as though your on the red carpet everywhere you go. I love looking at what celebrities pull off with their hair (candidly or red-carpetly) and hopefully try to do the same with mine the next day (nupe, never works). Here’s my latest (2 minutes ago) inspiration:



Voila! The front and back. God I  love how she put her hair in the back. It’s so gorgeous. And I assume it’s really easy to do. .. just a hell lot of bobby pins. Try it out girls 🙂

– love jemma

PS. Ms Duff has gorgeous to-die-for flawlesssssss skin.

Saving your hair 101

We, PP girls, are good at making the best outa every situation. No matter what happened or happens, we turn them to our favor easily, easy like a piece of yummy chocolate mousse cake. Bad haircuts are a standardized example. What to do when your fresh and new look does not really shout out GORGEOUS!?

Just as a self-esteem booster, all our girls are fabulous in their own unique way. Embrace yourselves by daring to be different – maybe the kind of different you have didnt get much approval from people, but hey, you turned some heads didn’t you? PinkPoutine adores girls whom are brave at heart and experiment with themselves. Pat on the backs girls!

Now, there are tons of ways to turn the downside up. blake-lively-dress_472x754000x0432x691Ponytails are the best inventions in styling history. Whether you have 5 year old bangs or the Scary Spice afro, get a goddamn elastic and put em up! Short bangs look mega trendy with a ponytail especially with some long loose hair at the side. The key to ponytails (any ponytails) are to make them MESSY – keep the ends scrummed up and the roots teased ladies, that’s the way to a modern ponytail modeled by our gorgeous divas. Look at Blake Lively.. yummy! And you can use this style to hit up anywhere, anytime – red carpet, partying, lazy sundays, shopping fridays, you name it!

Flat hair? Ever heard of a volumizing hairspray? May we suggest: TIGI tigi_catwalk_root20boostCatwalk Root Boost? It works like a charm. From the roots, just hold up the top layer of your hair and spray the magic water underneath. Do it for your whole head please (by sections). Then, after every section is sprayed, mess up your hair! Cup section by section with your hand and scrunch it up. The key is the SCRUNCH! Do it like you would scrunch up your ex’s love letters telling you you’re the only woman he would ever love in his life but ends up getting a new slutty girlfriend a month after the breakup.

For all other problems with dee hair, I usually turn to outside sources, like headbands for example. It’s the best easy and effortless way to just keep everything in place. Half ponytails are good too, especially for flat hair (but remember, messy messy messy!). There are tons of ways to keep looking hot even when your not really (or at least the new ‘do takes time to get used to). sleek-ponytailIf all does not work, I turn to my last resort: pulling all my hair backwards and tie them into a high ponytail (it’s best for greasy hair days too)… aka the perfect ponytail. But this hairstyle means that your baring it all, and for me, it takes a lot of courage and a lot of preparations. Make sure you have the right makeup and outfit on that would compliment the hair or else you would just look very very bleh. The makeup has to be flawless natural, and with the outfit, I would usually go for things that cover my neck (scarves, turtlenecks, etc). I have no reasons for this but I just think it looks way better.

Our motto for styling hair is do what you feel is right for your whole outlook. I believe in having exceptions everyday, the hair might look good on monday but looks awful on tuesday.. or yesterday I felt mature sexy, today I feel like I want to bare it all, and tomorrow I feel girly girly. It’s all an art, putting everything together into one specific look for the day. With the right combinations, it’s easy to impress and make a bold PP statement.

– love jemma


A teaspoon a day makes your skin problems go away!

honeyWedderspoon Organic Manuka Active (OMA) 16+ Honey in 500g. I refuse to publish any information you can find on their website.. copy and pasting is not cool and there’s no point on rephrasing what is already pretty straightforward and simple. But anyhow, what the website did not mention is that other than curing flus and colds, this stuff helps your skin too! Apparently it kills all the dirty stuff in your immune system and your skin looks healthier. PinkPoutine sources say that you can have it on toast or mix it with water, but your PP administrators know that it’s best to take a teaspoon of it raw (but either way it has to be the first thing you put in your stomach everyday). Unfortunately girls, as much as we want to deny, beauty has its consequences. It’s utterly dis-gust-ing because the honey is really thick, you have to wait for it to melt in your mouth and the process of it is slow and dreadful (unless you’re a honey freak, if you are, then this should be heaven to you). Both Lucy and I take it everyday first thing in the morning.. and we totally allow and encourage PP copycats.

P.S. there are different activity levels for this product and the highest is 16+ and this one has an effect on the digestion system… so maybe weight management also?

– love jemma.


Meow for the Cat’s Eye!

Make up is magic. It’s easy to look like a million dollars just by the make up you have on – it just takes the right blush color, good powder and to die for eye liner. If you ask me what’s the one thing I can’t leave my house without, it’s mascara and eyeliner. Girls, those who have yet to experience these two magical tubes of being, you have absolutely not lived the life where your eyes suddenly get twice bigger.  Trust me, big, attractive eyes get most of the attention in this world. Now, there are a million ways to put on eyeliner: the thick way, the thin way, the is that eyeshadow or eyeliner way.. and PinkPoutine’s favorite.. the cat’s eye way!

1113-nicole-richie_bdWe adore (x10000000) cat’s eye and it was all initially inspired by our queen, Nicole Richie. It is her signature look in all her appearances, whether it is getting coffee at coffee bean on a Monday morning, taking Harlow to the park in the afternoon, walking the red carpet at some luxurious event at night, or partying into wee hours until sunrise. For the day, you can keep the ends shorter to keep it casual. But for the night, make it as dramatic as possible because you never know whose the next person to be mesmerized by your squinty eyes stare (it’s pretty mesmerizing I tell you).


I feel as though this post needs some sort of instructions on how to make cat’s eye in order to complete the post. I’m no make up expert, the only advise I can give you (which is exactly how I learned to do it) is practice makes perfect : ) draw away ladies. Of course, accompanying my brilliant advise is a close up picture for you to observe, absorb and act. Good luck.


– love jemma

PS. She’s Taylor Swift.

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